Breeder: Isawa Nishikigoi Centre and Momotaro Koi Farm
Bloodline: Matsunosuke Sanke and Momotaro Mako Bloodline Showa Jumbo Potential
Date: 17 May 2009



251 Neo Tiew Crescent
Singapore 718835

Tel : 65-6862 6363
Fax : 65-6862 6262
Email :

Grow out of 240 kois of the Matsunosuke Sanke and Momotaro Mako Bloodline Jumbo Potential Showa at Max Koi Farm.
Each koi is priced at SGD 280 only.

1.    to study the Matsunosuke Sanke and Momotaro Mako Bloodline Jumbo Potential Showa
2.    to test koi selection skills and develop an eye for excellent koi
3.    to foster friendship among the koi keeping community in Asia
4.    to help breeders promote and showcase their koi to hobbyists in Asia

Grow Out Format

Participants shall select their respective kois during the Inauguration Day (17 May 2009). The kois will be groomed for 6 months by MAX KOI FARM and thereafter compete in a competition to be judged by all participants at a specially organised event, tentatively fixed on 15 November 2009.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be by all participants who will be briefed by experienced judges on koi judging. Prizes will be awarded for the overall best 5 Showas and Sankes respectively, best growth for Showa and Sanke respectively, Grand Champion and Reserve Champion.

Selection Procedures
·    Pictures of the kois will be posted and numbered under the Showa and Sanke categories respectively under this thread
·    Sankes and Showas will be selected separately
·    All participants must submit their Selection Form(s) by 15 May 09 (Friday), 2300hrs, using the attached Form. The Selection Form will contain the priority of  choice from 1st to the 110th choices. All Selection Form submission has to be sent to
·    Each Selection Form is use for the selecting of 1 koi only. If you are ordering 2 Sanke, 2 Selection Forms are needed.
·    On the Inauguration Day, the kois will be on display in their respective tanks from 9am to 12 noon.
·    Participants can refresh their selection by submitting a New Selection Form on the Inauguration Day before 12 Noon. A collection booth will be setup near the  Koi Display tanks
·    At 2pm, the balloting of the Selection Forms will start.
·    The Selection Forms will randomly picked in open public in the presence of witnesses.
·    The 1st available koi listed in the Selection Form in the order of choice will be awarded to the Selection Form Owner.
·    Any paid participants without a Selection Form will be placed at the end of the queue for selection.
·    The balance of the kois will be assigned to the participants without Selection Forms in a numbering ballot process, in open public
·    The list of participants without a Selection Form will be published in the Forum by 16 May 09 (Sat), 3pm.
·    All clarification emails must contain contact no and should reach or posted on the Forum thread by 16 May 09 (Sat), 9pm.
·    At the end of the selection process, the list of kois and their respective owners will be posted on the Malaysia Koi Forum

·    Grand Champion - D Sanke Nisai (60bu Best In Size - Jakarta ZNA Koi Show 2009)
·    Reserve Grand Champion - Yamato Kohaku Nisai/Sansai
·    Best Showa - Mohantaro Champion Kohaku
·    Best Sanke - Minolta UnderWater Digital Camera
·    Best 5 Showas - Sakai Fish Food
·    Best 5 Sankes - Sakai Fish Food

Registration to participate

Registration to participate in the competition is on a first come first served basis by signing up on the Malaysian Koi Forum 1st Asia Growout 2009 thread.

Registrants in excess of the respective limits of 115 showas and sankes each will be placed on waiting list and are entitled to participate in the event any of the first 115 registrants respectively withdraw their participation.

Please make payment on line through MAX KOI FARM (website: or via MAX KOI FARM Fax: 65-6862 6262
Email :

Max Koi Farm has set up three methods of payment as follows:

(A) Payment by Paypal

Create a paypal account.

Log into your pay pal account, click on “Send Money” tab

Click on Send money online,

Fill up the boxes

Email to:

Amount: SGD$ 280 per piece

Tick, send money for: Goods

Click continue

Fill in the Subject:

Payment for: 1st Asia Growout Event 2009

Please state the payment for which fish and number.


2 Sankes, 2 Showas ($1120)

Please also give Max Koi Farm your full name, address, contact number and email address. (This is important so that they can keep track of the orders and also prevent any discrepancy.)


Thomas Ong
OntTT (forum nick)
12 Bayview Ave 2
Singapore 123456
Tel (+65) 91234567
Fax: (+65) 61234567

(B) Payment by bank transfer. (TT transfer / iBanking )

Email Max Koi Farm your full particulars, order details and your choice of transfer.


2 Sankes, 2 Showas ($1120)
Thomas Ong
OntTT (forum nick)
12 Bayview Ave 2
Singapore 123456
Tel (+65) 91234567
Fax: (+65) 61234567

Max Koi Farm will reply back to you with their bank details.
Please email/fax back to Max Koi Farm your transaction details (Acknowledgement) so as to keep track of payments to avoid any confusion.

(C) Pay through phone with credit card details

Call Max Koi Farm at (+65) 6862 6363
Provide them with your full particulars and order details


2 Sankes, 2 Showas ($1120)
Thomas Ong
OntTT (forum nick)
12 Bayview Ave 2
Singapore 123456
Tel (+65) 91234567
Fax: (+65) 61234567

Provide Max Koi Farm with
1) Credit card number
2) Expiry date
3) Digit pin number at the back (Security number)

After making payments, Max Koi Farm will forward you a copy of the invoice.

Inauguration Event – Program

Sunday 17 May 2009

8:00am ~ 9:00 am : Registration & Viewing of Kois

9:00 am ~ 10:00 am : Balloting

10:30am ~ 12:30 : Koi Selection

1:00 pm : Lunch

·    Free Pond Rental - Max Koi Farm Mr Max Ng
·    Free Koi Food - FD Food, Mr Kenny Baba
·    Web Cam – Mr David Soon
·    Water Cavitation Technology – ARS, Mr Eric Ng
·    All Trophies for various Winners - Deco Base, Mr Frankie Ong
·    Buffet lunch for Inauguration Day - Max Koi Farm, Mr Max Ng
·    Buffet lunch for Judging Day - Deco Base, Mr Frankie Ong
·    Design Posters and artwork- Koi Division Sdn Bhd, Mr Hafidsuddin Che Din (Deenblitzed)
·    Malaysia Koi Forum Host- Hileytech Sdn Bhd, Mr BG Khoo
·    Autofeeders – Mr Handy Yusran (Monscine) and Mr Riwin
·    Grand Champion Prize – Mr David Soon
·    Reserve Grand Champion Prize – Mr Kentaro Sakai
·    Best Showa Prize - Mr Mohan Gandhi
·    Best Sanke Prize - Minolta UnderWater Digital Camera, Mr GK Yang and Mr Wong Hee Heng
·    Best 5 Showas prizes - Mr Kentaro Sakai
·    Best 5 Sankes prizes – Mr Kentaro Sakai


Participants will have to collect their koi from Max Koi Farm within 2 weeks of the close of the event, failing which charges will be impose for keeping of the koi. The gender of the koi is not warranted. Neither the Voluntary Committee nor Max Koi Farm shall take any responsibility in the event any participant's koi is injured, damaged, deformed or otherwise die under the care of Max Koi Farm during the event. The Voluntary Committee and/or Max Koi Farm will not provide any replacement, refund or compensation should such an event happen.

Price of SGD280 per fish quoted is based on collection of the koi ex-Max Koi Farm, and does not include shipping, tax, handling charges or keeping fee (where applicable) for shipment to their final destination for which the relevant participants will need to make their own separate arrangements with Max Koi Farm.

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