Max Koi Farm is a proud distributor of JPD (Japan Pet Design) Premium Koi Food here in Singapore.

JPD Premium Koi Food helps your Koi to be a Champion!

Japan Pet Design Company has a proud history of experience and credence of around 200 years as a breeder, a medicine and equipment manufacturer, and a food producer. JPD’s mission is to protect the health and increase the vitality of Koi in Japan and throughout the world. For all these years, with its rich knowledge & experience and in cooperation with the National fisheries University, JPD has been developing and marketing many different varieties of high-quality products that are widely welcomed in the market. JPD is now providing strictly-selected and managed quality products to its clients around the world, so that all koi hobbyists can enjoy the Koi hobby.

All JPD Premium Koi Food are available here in Max Koi Farm. For online purchase, you can visit our Products page under Koi Food Category.

Highest quality color enhancing Koi food. Contains shrimp- and krill meal, algae and seaweed. Pre-digested proteins and is based on wheatgerm.


Higest quality health stimulating Koi food. Contains immune stimulators, pre digested protein, special yeast cultures and algae.


Highest quality growth enhancing Koi food. Contains Shrimp and krill meal, pre digested proteins, digestive stimulants for stomach-less fishes. Two different kind of pro-biotic.


Highest quality cold water Koi food. Contains algae and yeast cultures that help the digestion and stimulates activity at cold water temperatures.


Highest quality Staple Koi food. Contains all basic ingredients for maintaining healthy Koi. Best price/quality Koi food in the market.